Saturday, August 1, 2009

Can we start building already?? Land!

Another update post for today.... Two in one day!

We have also been visiting our land quite often...

Most recently we found that our land is basically ready to build on!! Our land is all flattened and we have street signs, lamp posts, foot paths, driveways and asphalt roads! I think we should just start building now :)

Our land should title at the end of August however. There was a hold up in the previous section with laying a main sewer. This problem has been resolved and now the previous stage needs to catch up and be titled at the same time.

Now for some pics!!!

Our land - with our driveway!
A park nearby. This is going to be a prep - 9 school and have a main sports oval at the back. We are about 2 blocks away from this area.

Our street sign!! How exciting.. hehe

Looking down Tobago drive - near our street

Looking down our street :) Those aren't our tyre marks by the way! We are about halfway down

Looking over stage 7 land

Fire hydrant on our front nature strip :(... not happy! But we will have to deal with it. Lucky we have an 18m frontage so hopefully still some space for parking on nature strip if required.

Fingers crossed for settlement at end of August. Hopefully it all goes through without a hitch! Apparently our loan manager already has the loan papers for the land :)

Updates Galore! - Display Home Pics and Contract!!

Plenty has happened since my last update.

Firstly, we signed our contract!!! Originally we were due to sign the contract in May, but managed to delay the signing until July to allow us to get an extra $6k in FHOG!! yay!

There were a few changes in the end
- changed colours for laundry - 'green tea' wall tiles with white over bench cupboards and benchtop, and burnished wood underbench cupboards. Inspiration for 'green tea' tiles came from Jo (doghouse on homeone). Her laundry looks fantastic with them!

- changed the window colour to black. This will look a lot better on the inside and should match the outside fine as the roof tiles are black.

Now for some pics of the display home to get an idea of layout :)

Back area - "Rumpus" in plan. Half wall in this photo is removed. Will have big family area in the right hand side of this picture and dining area to the left

Current dining area. This will be taken up by living area and just open space! lol
Kitchen - our colours are basically the same, except the island bench is also burnished wood. We have moved the oven to next to the pantry and the sink to the island bench.

Looking down the entrance passage. Minor bedrooms down passage to the left, feature niche either side of opening with lounge a bit further down. This will be enclosed and will become the home theatre room!

First thing you see when you look in the front door. Need to find something really nice for tthis feature hob. Any suggestions??

Ensuite - with awesome spa!


Master Bedroom - love the niche again!