Thursday, October 29, 2009


There has been plenty of progress in the last couple of weeks!

First we learnt that the land had been titled, then 2 weeks later (Monday 26th) we had settlement. The land is now officially ours!!! Along with the ownership of the land came the mortgage...

Have been in contact with bank this week. Our loan manager has been fantastic. She is going to progress our home loan quickly to ensure we have no problems with the builders. Should be all organised within 2 weeks. Also learnt that she will be getting the keys to her Carlisle house next week! How exciting =D

We have also been speaking to our CLE, "M", a fair amount this week. She is also great! We now have our site scrape booked in for the 13th November!! Less than 3 weeks after settlement. I am impressed that they are going to get going so quickly! They are also going to stand by the original contract price we were given for an October site start even though we are a few weeks late... Thanks Carlisle!

Can't wait to see something happening on the block!!! (besides grass growing.. lol)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Our land titled on the 10th October! Was very excited to hear it had been titled, especially after so many months of waiting! *fingers crossed* we start building ASAP

Rang the council today and found out our street number! Was also happy to find that out... seems that small things make me happy.. Don't know what will happen once I actually see something on our land!

Settlement is booked for next Monday 24th. Then the land will be OURS!! =D