Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Slab Party!!


It's been a long time in the making... But we finally have one =D

Went past the block this morning before work and there were about 10 guys finishing off the footings and framework. At lunchtime the concrete truck was there still with about 10 guys...

Hope they can keep up the hard work!

Forgot to take camera and phone to the block... so no pics.. will get some tomorrow though!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Concreters have appeared!

I went for a drive past the block during my lunch break today absolutely expecting nothing to be happening. Afterall they have been AWOL for 2 weeks, so never would have expected them to arrive the day before a public holiday.... But there they were!! Three guys working away at our slab footings =D

A visit after work was in order to check out what had been done...

There is only a couple of bits and pieces to go to finish the slab footings... Missing some waffle pods at the edge of the garage and some of the framework... Hopefully this can be quickly finished up on Wednesday morning in time for the slab to be poured same day!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Where are our concreters?!?!

Sooo... it's been 2 weeks since we got our drains.... 5 days since our waffle pods got delivered.... and STILL no sign of the concreters!

I just want my slab =(

When I visited the block yesterday the carpenter showed up as he thought he was going to be starting today... No such luck... At least I know I can rely on someone to show up!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Years!

We had our site scrape on 11th Nov, and then nothing until this week... Basically to cut a long story short there were some delays with getting approvals for our drains / pipes though City West Water as the Developers did not pass them on for approval earlier. Unfortunately this took approx 1 month to go through and by then Carlisle did not want to do anything else until after Christmas.

Ended up signing our final plans just before Christmas...

In the mean time we had a few small issues.
Firstly, our chosen timber laminate was discontinued. Went in and rechose another similar looking one... Although I think I like this one slightly better. Glen didn't come as he 'trusted' my choice!
Secondly, had to change a couple of kitchen door handles to the smaller size to fit smaller cupboard doors. Somehow this was not picked up on until the last minute and Carlisle tried to charge us a variation fee for it. Got ourselves out of that one though... It should have been picked up by the draftsmen!

Below are a few pics which have been taken since the last update...

Site scrape was carried out on 11th Nov. Here are some pics taken about 1 week later (clearly after some rain). I don't think I ordered any swimming pools... One for the porch

And in the background you might be able to see a super dooper one for the alfresco!

Visit to the block on the 10th Jan found a tap!

AND a water meter!!

We also found a nice pile of dirt in preparation for the drains. This green thing along the front of the block was called a "sediment barrier". Not many people in the estate have one though... so not sure why it is there?

Monday was 43degC, Tuesday night was the hottest night ever... and Tuesday morning (12th Jan) didn't drop below about 34degC... Some time during during that heat they put our pipes in!
Good work boys =D
Two days later (14th Jan) the land was flattened and we have a temp fence...

Had a call from CLE (a diff one as 'M' is on holidays)... Our slab is definitely going in on Saturday (16th Jan)! Things are moving so quickly now! (Clearly they want money.. But I want our house too!)