Sunday, June 20, 2010

After the initial walkthrough...

Last Thursday we had our initial PCI. Our SS is busy at the moment, so the Construction Manager ended up taking his place...

When we arrived we knew there was a lot of work still to be completed (major re-bricking etc), so we didn't feel we were in the position to sign the PCI document. Luckily the CM was fine with us doing another walk through at a later date and signing it then...

We received the results of the mortar test which was completed. Mortar FAILED due to NO lime!
Apparently the fix is to use an Alkaline spray treatment ( However, there is a small note on this website saying that it bonds "with free Lime in the Cement or Lime components of the mortar". Not sure about this so we are doing some of our own research. The only other options are
* full render (which we do not want)
* grinding out all of the mortar and repointing (which could be very messy)...

Defect list had almost 100 items on it.. Some of the items which I can remember are:
* Rebricking 4 sections of the house (maybe 1/4 overall) due to bowed walls and poor quality brickwork.
* Fix mortar around entire house (see above)
* Install splashback
* Paint front door
* Paint render
* Find a fix to the "expansion joint" which is installed on the flooring. It sticks up about 5mm and is a massive trip hazard in the middle of the hallway! (see picture below)
* Many paint touchups, including cracked cornices (will end up repainting about half the house I would think)
* Fix a few tiles
* Replace some glass in the windows due to scratching and glass defects
* Repair plaster around the downlights
* Repair nails which have popped out of the plaster
* Fix sharp areas in carpet (where nails are sticking up)
* Replace section of garage door which is dented
* Seal around baths/sinks/shower screens

Hopefully we can still have handover in 4 weeks or so. It's been a long wait (site start 11th Nov last year)... The number of defects which we have picked up along the way has been disappointing. We are grateful that Carlisle has been easy to deal with in regards to fixing them so far. For us, it is more about how problems are dealt with, rather than if they occur in the first place...

Now for some pics! Most were taken after it was dark outside... Some with flash and some without so just ignore the different lighting!

Front Door, Feature Hobs and Entrance

Expansion joint...

Minor Bedroom


Powder Room

Master Bedroom


Home Theatre Room




  1. The house is looking great. What laminate is that on the floor? Can't blame you for hating the expansion joint in the hallway - it looks terrible. But apart from that, the flooring looks really nice. Also, the overhead cupboards in the kitchen, are they the shiney laminate? I thought CH didn't allow the shiney laminates? And one last question, I love your Laundry setup - was that the standard laundry layout or did you change it yourself to give you the extra long bench and overhead cupboards?

  2. Wonderul looking flooring. At Torquay, South Devon and South West Builders we would have been happy to produce such professional work.

  3. Lovely house! I'm into home building & reno because I work for a social media that's all about houses/homes in AU In fact we are about to release an online renovation tool. Have you tried something like this? Cheers!

  4. Hi,
    The images are missing.