Monday, February 1, 2010


First up is a pic from when the slab was put down last Wednesday. Definitely felt like a milestone was finally reached when the slab went down! Had been over 2.5 months since site scrape already.

Frame started today. Went past after work to find that the slab had been drawn out and plates had been put down along where the walls are to go. Nice to finally see the rooms in real size! The display we chose the house from was 36sq, whereas we went for the smaller version.

Builders seem to be very neat! The studs were all cut and perfectly lined up ready for making the frame (hopefully tomorrow!)

Seems to be a small mistake in the laying out of the pipes.... Our powder room basin pipe seems to be half in the home theatre room! Not sure how much use it would be in there.. haha
Received a call from the Carlisle Operatons Manager last week to explain the delays which we have experienced. Basically they were due to waiting for developers approval of grey water piping, and then waiting for concreters to come back from holidays. He mentioned that they were expecting our PCI to occur in early June for a mid June handover. Probably a bit earlier to give an accurate estimate though!
Following the call we were mailed a variation requesting 28 day extension to contract time due to delays with developer approval. This was fine with us as we were emailed when the delay started and were also notified when it ended.
Happy that we are finally seeing progress now though! So far no such holdups with our carpenters =D *touch wood!*

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