Sunday, February 21, 2010

House with a hat!!

It's seem to have been a long time between updates because so much has happened!

Our wall frames finished, closely followed by roof trusses.

There was a few issues with the roof trusses which have now been resolved. Firstly, they forgot to add the eaves on the northern side of the house. This was resolved by adding timber onto the chord of the truss. The timber extension overlapped the truss by about 1.5m so as to reduce the cantilever forces caused by the weight of the tiles. The second problem (picked up by dad) was that the roof trusses were not blocked. Blocking has now been added :)

The next time I visited the block the roof tiles were up! In the 3 days between the gutters and fascia was installed, followed by the tiling. Some pics below from most recent visit on Friday.

From front of house

Looking towards back from front door

Looking up to roof. Can see some of the blocking in this pic too

Feature wall behind bed

From kitchen looking towards living area (alfresco on right)

Looks like we will need a small laundry basket. The door is about as wide as Glens shoulders!

Bricks have been delivered!! Love them!!! (Boral Mocha)

More bricks. There was about 18 pallets all up!!

On our way out to visit again. House was wrapped yesterday! :)

- Sarah

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