Saturday, March 27, 2010

It's been a long time...

So I am a Melbourne supporter. At the football. I think my time will be better spent updating the blog via my iPhone seeing we are almost 70 points down at the start of the 3rd! We have got one goal so far though. Here's proof! Haha

Back to the house. Firstly we had our full electrical fit out - optic fibre cabling, lighting, speaker cabling and powerpoints.

Dad came along one weekend and installed some noggins for us :) thanks dad!

Insulation was then installed. Thanks to our awesome SS who allowed us to install some extra soundproof insulation.

Plastering followed. No real issues apart from finding that one section had not been properly insulated. SS called them back to fix it up no problems.

In between all of the above the bricking was carried out. Looks to be a good job to me. Loving our choice of bricks (Boral Mocha). Bricks have now been completed, cleaned and feature locations rendered.

Only had one small issue with the bricking (or the wrapping to be precise). Part of the garage was bricked without wrapping or damp proof course in place. SS had them pull it down to install the wrapping and damp proof course, then rebrick.

Here are a load of photos below.

Some of the insulation and electricals.

Front entrance plastered. Looking though the family room at end.

Looking down hallway back towards front door.

Front door scratched. Hope they fix it!

Master bedroom

Master bedroom looking into ensuite

Looking at family area

Looking toward alfresco from same location as above

Looking toward kitchen from same location as above

Front of house with bricks all cleaned. (not rendered yet)

Along back of house towards alfresco

Close up of bricks

Another close up of bricks

Three quarter time and we are still only down by 71 points. Kicked 3 goals that quarter :)

Hopefully we get cabinetry before Easter!

- Sarah


  1. wow..sarah ur's has come up prett fast...its looking beautiful..coming into shape..

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